About Us

Located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Test Site Projects opened in 2018 as an artist-run fine art publishing house producing unique limited edition collaborative prints with locally and nationally recognized artists. With the goal of connecting artists to a new collector base, producing unique edition projects, and hosting public programs, Test Site Projects began a mission to enrich the vibrant Las Vegas art community by creating a platform for contemporary printmaking. Over the years, Test Site Projects has created an environment for artists to investigate ideas through processes such as lithography, etching, screen and woodblock printing. Test Site Projects seeks to expand the boundaries of printmaking in both materiality and approach.

In its commitment to the Las Vegas community, Test Site Projects expanded its space and offerings to include museum-quality custom framing, commissioned printing, artwork installation, and crating services.

Test Site Projects was founded by artist Erik Beehn, a master printer and 3rd generation lithographer who received his BFA and MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Through his years at Gemini G.E.L., a fine art publishing house located in Los Angeles, Beehn helped produce projects with renowned artists such as Richard Serra, Ann Hamilton, Ed Ruscha, Elizabeth Murray, Ellsworth Kelly, Bruce Nauman and Susan Rothenberg, amongst many others.

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